The Importance of Backups!

So here we are at the end of another week, and yet another version of crypto-locker has hit one of our customers.

Let's face it, no matter how hard you try and stop them, eventually a virus will get through. It doesn't matter how good you think your anti-virus is, there are hundreds of variations to well known viruses released every day and the anti-virus companies often struggle to keep up, and keep you up to date. This can lead to the unfortunate situation of a virus infection.

So what do you do... backup! It is the only answer really, Without a good, solid and reliable backup system you are leaving yourself wide open for catastrophe.

Now when most people in small business think about backup, they often tend to believe that if they have their MYOB or Quickbooks file copied to a USB stick somewhere then that's good enough, that kind of thinking has often left many businesses who have been infected with a virus wondering why they never thought their Excel spreadsheet, Word documents, PDF files and all their other data was as important to the business as their accounts file.

EVERYTHING should be backed up and it should be done on a DAILY basis!

Luckily for our customer, they are using our Easycloud backup solution. ALL their data was safe and securely stored offsite in our cloud backup system and it was only a matter of a few hours until they had all of their data back again with minimal disruption to their business.

Ask yourself, if all my data was destroyed by a virus, what would this mean for my business? The total loss of data can often lead to a complete business collapse.

Don't be in the mind set that you will get around to it one day, because one day is too late after a virus hits.

So make "one day" TODAY and call us on 1300 727 997 to have your critical company data stored safely and securely away... it's a lot cheaper than you might think!

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