Secure and Reliable Backups

Many small businesses fail to implement regular preventative maintenance for their computer networks.


With the complexity of day-to-day operations, data backup may be the last of a small business owner’s worries. But the nature of small businesses is what makes online backup so crucial - a small business can be completely wiped out by a data loss event.

Your business data is vulnerable:

  • 100% of disk and tape drives will eventually fail

  • An average of 50% of critical corporate data resides on unprotected PC desktops and laptops

  • Computer viruses cost businesses upwards of $55 billion in damages

  • 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a critical data loss

But we backup our files daily!

Unfortunately, in-house backup systems are notoriously unreliable and highly likely to fail in the event of a data loss. Some 40% of enterprise backups fail - even with professional system administrators and costly software.

Often, shortcomings are discovered only after a major event wipes out significant data. Only 34% of companies actually test their tape or disk backups once they’re in place.

Of the 34% that test, more than three-quarters find failures in their backup systems!

After a disaster or data loss event, your business may stop while you attempt to repair your network, or find someone who will. Online Backup will save time and help you avoid costly repair bills.


  • Simple, predictable, pay-per-device pricing

  • True Delta deep deduplication for faster backups and restores

  • Hybrid Cloud Backup with on-site and secure off-site storage

  • Support across Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Secure data encryption in all data transfers

At Call IT Corporate we have out fully managed, secure and reliable hybrid backup solution. Not only are your files and data stored securely and safely in our cloud storage system, you also have the option to keep a copy of the backup on your site to enable fast recovery times in case you need to.

Call IT Corporate make it as cost effective as ever to ensure your peace of mind. With simple fixed price plans starting from just $25 per PC ex GST and up to $65 per server ex GST, the time for security and reliability is now!

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