Help Desk Services

Let's face it, your business is your business and our business is IT! More and more these days users are expected to know how to fix there own IT issues when in reality thier strength is in what they do day to day and not in IT.

Don't have your staff wasting valuable time trying to fix computer problems when Call IT are here to help.


Server Management

A server in your office is usually the IT engine of your business and like any engine it needs to be maintained and services regularly.

At Call IT we can ensure that your server(s) are always performing at there optimal and keep a close eye on things to try and avoid any unnecessary costly server downtime which ultimately costs your business time and money.


Hardware, Software and Licencing

Call IT have access to some of Australia's largest hardware, software and licencing providers. This gives you the peace of mind that we will always strive to achieve the best possible prices for our customers.

Be it Dell servers, HP desktops, Office 365 licences just to name a few, Call IT has you covered.


Software Design and Development

Software development and design is a service that we have offered for many years. We specialize in interfacing databases together by creating customized middle-ware to interface between different variations of databases including:

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Pervasive SQL

  • MySql

  • Rocket Universe

Web Site and Domain Hosting

These days your web site is the front window of your business, most people will visit a company's web site before even picking up the telephone.

Web site hosting and domain management can be complicated to understand at best. At Call IT we aim to simplify this by providing our customers with the complete solution to showing your business to the world.

Domain registration, domain hosting and web site hosting all in the 1 place.


Specialised Services

Let's face it, no 2 businesses are run the same way and that's why at Call IT we cater for anything out of the ordinary. Managing a PABX installation - No Problem. Need an iPhone app developed - No Problem. Need to manage your mobile phone fleet - No Problem.

We specialise in IT and IT is a lot more than just your computer, so if you have a special need then don't hesitate to talk to us about it.


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